It took 300 years to develop the perfect violin ... and another 15 years for our patented e-Strings violin!

Wolfgang Löffler, the developer of the Löffler e-Strings, in front of his master violin making workshop in Munich, Germany.
»Violin making is a science,« says Wolfgang Löffler.

What is meant is the science of improving the sound. Because from the beginnings of violin making in the 13th century, it took about 300 years for the violin to find its perfect form in the Baroque era. This required many experiments by violin makers and almost endless testing.

Wolfgang Löffler has invested another 15 years of development in his e-Strings. But the long experimentation has paid off. Because he has proven that it is possible after all: an e-String with a real violin sound!

Our patented development — a completely new generation of e-violins: Awarded the Bavarian State Prize.

The Bavarian State Prize is awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for special design and technical achievements in the craft sector.

Wolfgang Löffler is a luthier with heart and soul. Through years of research, Löffler developed e-Strings in his master luthier's workshop. For many years Wolfgang Löffler has been known for his exquisite violins, which are based on the models of the great age of violin makers: e.g. Amati, Stradivari or Guarneri.

His 30 years of professional experience have taught Wolfgang Löffler one thing:
No compromises when it comes to quality and sound!

For the development of the Löffler e-Strings he was awarded the ›Bavarian State Prize for Craftsmanship‹. In addition, the pickup system was patented.

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