Experience the endless possibilities of Löffler e-Strings: Listening to audio examples is good - testing yourself is much better!

The audio examples give you (only) a first impression. But the possibilities for experimentation are endless! The Löffler e-Strings does exactly what professionals want: Experience full control over all sound aspects!

Example #1: In this MP3 audio, Edgar Gabriel demonstrates the manifold possibilities with pizzicato and bowing.
Sound spectrum of the Löffler e-Strings: The piece ›Chickens Pickin'‹ by Edgar Gabriel demonstrates the enormous flexibility and musical possibilities. Whether bowed or plucked, pure or with distortion. The Löffler e-Strings convinces in every playing style.

e-Strings live: This sound example demonstrates a typical live situation to show the stage suitability of the Löffler e-Strings. A realistic listening situation is created by using reverb and delay sparingly: This is how your audience hears it.

Here a suitable amplifier with loudspeakers is used and this is recorded very dry via a condenser microphone - and with some effects added.

Example #2: Here Edgar Gabriel plays a prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach on his Löffler e-Strings.
e-Strings playing Bach: An orchestral impression of this recording results from the two voices - and the abundant use of effects. Especially in comparison to the first example, completely different sound worlds are revealed here.

In example #2, two violin tracks were superimposed. (So Edgar Gabriel accompanies himself.) Reverb and delay effects were used. But the sound is pure: no equalizer was used.

Example #3: In this MP3 audio Edgar Gabriel shows a typical use of the e-Strings in hard rock.
e-Strings going hard rock: Once again Edgar takes on two roles. Once he plays the e-Strings like an electric guitar and at the same time he acts as a rock violinist. This example #3 makes clear how flexibly the Löffler e-Strings fits into all stage programs. Especially here it convinces. Because even at high volume there are no feedback problems!

Here again played through a suitable amplifier with speakers and this recorded very dry through a condenser microphone - and with some effects added.

Example #4: Here Edgar Gabriel plays in three pop-rock style violin tracks and adds a selection of effects.
e-Strings in pop-rock: The piece ›Spring Breakin'‹ brings out other facets again. Here Edgar plays the Löffler e-Strings in different ways on three tracks. Thereby it is bowed and plucked to show the spectrum of possible sounds.

A note: Recorded with LogicProX, three violin tracks. Two background tracks have a little delay and reverb. For the main track a Boss ME-70 with delay, overdrive and wah-wah was also used. Edgar Gabriel plays all the instruments except the drum loops. By the way: There is no guitar on this recording!

Our audio examples were intended to encourage you to try it out for yourself: Make an appointment with us right away - or simply order your e-Strings violin!

Every musician is individual. Every music is different.

Therefore, only you can judge what suits you. But we are sure: You will be thrilled by the sound, the quality and the new possibilities.

Test the Löffler e-Strings now!

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