The patented innovation:
100% violin sound
with 0% feedback!

All e-violinists know these problems: Too thin sound and big feedback problems at high volumes. That's why we developed completely new, electromagnetic pickups - the first true humbucker for e-violins!

Our patented pickups ideally unfold the tonal characteristics of string instruments.

Even at high volume the Löffler e-Strings sounds full, natural and clear:

  • authentic violin sound rich in overtones
  • no feedback, even at high volume
  • very wide dynamic range
  • very fast and natural response
  • no bow noise

The violin steel strings were developed especially for us. They vibrate in the magnetic field of the pickups and thus generate the output signal according to the induction principle. A high-quality amplifier then provides the required volume (e.g. acoustic amplifier or a DI box).
The result of 15 years of development: Our patented humbucker pickups with special steel strings that vibrate in the magnetic field and produce the output signal.

Discover unimagined possibilities: Flexible sound by means of our built-in 18-combination sound filter

The controls for the sound settings are easily accessible: This makes the sound variable even during playing.
The electronics have been repeatedly optimized in many experiments and expanded in sound options. Our active electronics bring additional advantages:

  • Presets with 6 different frequency responses
    (from dark to bright)
  • These are freely combinable with 3 different intensity levels (for each of these frequency responses):
  • This results in 18 combinations
    (from deep and soft to brilliant and hard).
  • The presets can be changed conveniently,
    without having to put the instrument away.

The electromagnetic humbuckers are perfectly suited for the use of all common effect devices:
Plug & Play! The integrated preamp takes care of this.

By the way: The Löffler e-Strings are powered by two 3V button cells. These have a service life of approx. 500 hours.

The classic scale length allows you to start right away: Löffler e-Strings are perfectly playable for every violinist!

The technical data at a glance:

Body: Solid maple
Fingerboard and covers: Ebony
Pickups: electromagnetic humbuckers by Häussel Pickups
Fine tuning machine heads by Gotoh
Special steel strings by the Pyramid company

Electronics (built into the instrument)

Preamplifier 15-fold by Helmuth Lemme
State Variable Filter by Helmuth Lemme
2 pots: 6 resonant frequencies, 3 enhancement modes
Batteries: 2 button cells á 3V (playing time approx. 500 hrs.)
Output: Gold-plated 6.3 mm jack plug

Dimensions and weights

Body length: 35.5 cm (classic scale)
Wittner chinrest and shoulder rest: 90 grams
Weight: 520 grams (without chinrest and shoulder rest)

Every detail has been thought through, e.g. the output connector is placed where the cable is least intrusive. The cable is ergonomically routed over the left shoulder.

Intelligent technology and craftsmanship: Made in Germany!

The Gotoh machine heads are extremely small and light. At the same time they are incredibly precise with their fine-tuning transmission.
The development of Löffler e-Strings met the highest standards of quality and sound from the very beginning. This was possible because we developed all the details ourselves. As an experienced luthier, Wolfgang Löffler is used to optimizing each individual component for its contribution to the overall sound. In doing so, great importance was always attached to maximum material quality and durability: An instrument for life!

  • Our Vioduct pickups were developed together with the specialist Häussel Pickups and are handmade for us. They are mounted in adjustable height: each string can thus be adjusted individually if necessary.

  • Special steel strings were developed in cooperation with the string manufacturer Pyramid.

(By the way: The only detail that is not made in Germany is the mechanics for string tension. These come from Gotoh in Japan. Because only the Gotoh mechanics are extremely small and light, yet immensely precise with their fine-tuning transmission).

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Löffler e-Strings is a brand of
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